Why do I even try?

Every time I make a plan Life is like, “Bahaha FUCK YOU, nothing will ever go right”

Feeling pretty glum and definitely ready to give up

Can’t wait for people to start dropping classes so I can find a parking spot for once

A message from Anonymous
Where are you going to college? (if you don't mind me asking)

Currently trying to figure that out myself, I’m thinking of transferring to MVCC in upstate New York for the fall semester but we’ll see how that goes :)

A message from whatwouldpabudo
Hi Sarah, my names Cameron and me following may seem random. Tumblr suggested you because apparently all it cares about is the fact that I'm "lds". I just want to say thank you for expressing why you left the church. I just got back form my mission a year early and honestly it was the worst time of my life and I had never been so unhappy. I still love the church but everyone needs to find their own way in life. I think you're blog is great, have a great day and thank you again.

Hey thanks! Hope you’re happier now :)